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Always in control, with ArtBeamer’s easy Catalogue Management System

Update your app’s content at any time, within minutes! Sign in to our Catalogue Management System (CMS) to easily upload and manage your portfolio of artworks. Rename, add artist and description, tag by medium, add an audiofile, add different sales offer for different sizes and formats, link with your e-shopping system and select which artworks to make available in ArtBeamer. You can do all this from your webrowser. Use any computer, no software installation is needed. Customers will find you and your entire portfolio with a customized shortcode, or directly access a particular artwork.

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Your entire catalogue…

Your collectors can browse your entire catalogue from their mobile devices. They download the app for free from the app stores (Android, iPhone and iPad) and launch it. Then they find your personal portfolio and browse it. In addition to your portfolio, your personal page contains important information about you, your work and how to contact you for purchases, as well as a personal background and profile picture*. Clients can select different artworks and ‘beam’ them in their own space using the augmented reality function, true to scale and in high definition! *available starting from the “For demanding artists and small galleries” plan


… or specific artworks

You can also limit access for particular artworks to a specific client, so that only he/she can see and ‘beam’ them. This is very useful if you want to make private offers and maintain confidentiality, e.g. when a collector at your gallery wishes to make a test hanging at home: simply hand him over the shortcode for a particular artwork. It’s easy for him to directly access it at home, by inserting its shortcode or scan its QR-code with the integrated scanner. Shortcodes and QR-codes are automatically generated through our CMS and can directly be made available to customers by e-mail, on your personal homepage, social media or e-commerce site or in your printed catalogues.

‘Beam’ artworks as if they were truly there

Customers and collectors can browse your entire selection of available works and then ‘beam’ the art in the comfort of their own homes. The work of art automatically appears within the smartphone or tablet’s camera screen, and it appears as if on the wall, to scale, and in high resolution! Through Augmented Reality the image can be viewed as if it were already hanging in the desired location; the app also automatically adjust the perspective. ArtBeamer fires up your customers’ imaginations. It helps them find the right work of art in the right size and then test it in their own spaces, enabling them to buy with confidence, even without seeing the original work of art in person. It makes your sales more compelling.


Bring your printed catalogues to life!

Add a shortcode (i.e. 12345) or a QR code to each image on your printed catalogue, invitation card or website.
Your clients will immediately be ready to beam the artworks for testing, wherever they are!

Sharing with your clients couldn’t be easier

Sharing Page:

Each artwork has its individual sharing page. Just e-mail the link to the collector, and he will find your offer and an instruction on how to use the app.

Social Media:

You and your clients can share your artworks on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. Use ArtBeamer’s powerful sharing features to invite people to discover your creations.

Signup for a free 14 days trial

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Within minutes you will be able to beam your first picture with augmented reality!

How Photobastei profits from ArtBeamer


Photobastei is a temporary gallery in the heart of Zurich, showing art and photography on 7 floors. Up to a 100’000 visitors attended the exhibitions during its eight months existence. In order to turn visitors into buyers, Photobastei used ArtBeamer as a gallery catalogue and sales tool. Visitors got access to the full range of artworks that they had seen at the gallery. The app allowed them to try works at home and later buy with confidence. Photobastei furthermore took advantage of SandboxGallery, a 3D application offering digital exhibition walkthroughs. All artworks can be viewed to scale and in dialogue exactly the way the exhibitions were curated. Be more effective. Upload your images once, and they will be available in SandboxGallery for 3D exhibition visits and in ArtBeamer.

How much does it cost?

Try ArtBeamer for free, with no risk.

Your free trial is activated without requiring any credit card or paypal information.

Basic Features are included in every account:
- Augmented Reality for your artworks
- Storing space for your portfolio
- Generation of shortcodes and QR-codes
- No selling fees
- No activation fees
- Support

For all artists:
this basic plan allows you to start out even if you are on a tight budget. It includes all the features needed to boost your sales.
- All basic features (Augmented Reality for your artworks, Storing space for your portfolio, Generation of shortcodes and QR-codes, No selling fees, No activation fees, Support), plus
- Publishing up to 10 simultaneous artworks
Or save 2 months worth of subscription by billing annually for 99$.
For demanding artists and small galleries:
this plan allows you to customise the experience of your users and host a considerable chunk of your portfolio online.
- All basic features, plus
- Publishing up to 50 simultaneous artworks
- Customization through personal profile, personal background picture and seller information
- Direct links to your existent e-shopping system
- Ordering of the portfolio through folder structure
Or save 2 months worth of subscription by billing annually for 399$.
For all galleries:
this plan allows customisation and to host your entire portfolio, all your artists and artworks, worry-free and constantly available.
- All basic features
- Publishing up to 500 simultaneous artworks
- Customization through personal profile, personal background picture and seller information
- Direct links to your existent e-shopping system
- Ordering of the portfolio through folder structure
Or save 2 months worth of subscription by billing annually for 799$.

All prices exclude VAT.

Frequently Asked Question about our pricing

How do subscription works

Our subscription trigger a monthly payment (apart if you choose the yearly plan). You are committed for the ongoing period (monthly or yearly), but can cancel your subscription anytime before the next period starts. We make it simple to start, and stop, at any time.

Can I change plan?

For upgrading or downgrading just cancel the current subscription before the next billing period starts and start the new subscription. Contact us if you have any questions.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments: for a yearly subscription you get 2 months for free.

Is there a fee on sales?

Absolutely not. ArtBeamer don’t detract anything from your creative hard work, you keep the full income from your sales. 0% fee on sales is our policy to help artists grow.

How do I sign up?

You start with a free trial with all features activated. We don’t collect your credit card until you’ve determined ArtBeamer is the right product for you.You can sign up here.

Can I unsuscribe at any time

Yes, you can unsuscribe at any time, the payment for the upcoming period will be stopped. You can do it by logging in, clicking “account”, and in the section “your active subscription” clicking “end subscriptions”.

Do my customers need to subscribe to ArtBeamer or pay to use it?

Absolutely not! ArtBeamer is and will always be free to use for your customers. ‘Beaming’ artworks is completely free of charge: the app is available for free in all App stores and always will.

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