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ArtBeamer inspires the power of imagination. It accelerates the sales process.
Torsten Schubert, CEO is a leading custom on-demand printing provider for collectors, interior decorators, photographers, and artists. ArtBeamer allows potential buyers to test all available images, mediums and sizes – literally millions of different combinations – in their own spaces.

For that reason, we built an interface to the system, so that they can use their own database effortlessly. Figures show that clients use the ArtBeamer app extensively in order to select an image and figure out the appropriate size. significantly improved the customer friendliness of their website.

Tailor-made solutions to suit your needs

Our augmented reality solution can be fully customized according to your and your customers needs. You can upload your catalogue online using our CMS, or if you already have an existing database we can directly connect the app with it, saving you precious time! The app perfectly integrates with your existing web and e-commerce site, or offline selling instruments.

Get your own white-label app, customised to your needs, and boost your sales! Your own branded app fires up your customers’ imaginations. It helps them find the right work of art in the right size and then test it in their own spaces, enabling them to buy with confidence, even without seeing the original work of art in person. Become an industry leader now with ArtBeamer.

Become an industry leader now!

ArtBeamer is a new, revolutionary application. Make it yours now and get ahead of your competitors! Four reasons why your customers will love it:

        • ArtBeamer is a very useful and efficient tool, while also being great fun and playful.
        • ArtBeamer is at the forefront of technology and will blow your customers’ and competitors’ minds off.
        • ArtBeamer lets you offer a superior customer service and advising.
        • ArtBeamer’s new technology helps you to draw public attention to your business.

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