Step By step instructions For beginners

How It Works


Signup or login to an existing account by clicking here. Take advantage of the free 14 days trial, or visit our pricing options. Edit your profile, add seller and contact information and personal background picture.


Upload your artworks and add information and offers, individually or selecting groups. Make them available on the app in a matters of click and seconds.


Your customers download the app for free from the mobile stores, find you and start browsing your catalogue, or directly find one of your artworks. Through your seller information they contact you directly for purchases.

Use our catalogue management system…

Our Catalogue Management System (CMS) allows you to upload all your artworks easily and fast. You can add or edit title, artist, description, medium, size, audioguide, offers, and more, for each artwork individually or for groups of them.

Just login into your account, click “manage artworks”, drop your artworks directly in the box or click it to browse your hard-disk. Once the artworks are uploaded in your account, click them to show the information dialogue. Navigate various tabs to find different options.

Don’t forget to make the artworks available in ArtBeamer, by clicking the tab “Show in ArtBeamer” and ticking the box “show”!

…or keep using your system

ArtBeamer also allows you to keep using your current system and it’s valuable data. If you are a white-label client we directly connect ArtBeamer to your system.

Your customers will still be able to enjoy your offer flawlessly as before, and you will still be able to manage, upload and edit your data as before; but everything will now have the potential to be ‘beamed’ directly in your customer’s homes!

With or without printed target

ArtBeamer Target Download

ArtBeamer visualizes artworks true to scale. Printing the target and attaching it to the wall guarantee up-to-the-millimeter precision. The app also offers an easiest, target-free solution. Thanks to the target the app is also able to adjust the perspective, allowing you to freely move around and visualize the artwork from different angles and distances. The target is available for printing directly within the app, is made accessible on the artwork sharing page or it can be downloaded and sent to prospects here.

Technical Questions

Questions, tutorials and how-tos regarding the App and the Catalogue Management System (CMS)

Conceptual Questions

Questions and suggestions on how to make the 100% out of ArtBeamer