I can’t change my profile and background picture, how do I do it?

Profile and background pictures allow you to personalize the appareance of ArtBeamer. They will be visible to your customers when they browse your catalogue. Please note that the features are available only to professional and premiums users.

To edit these pictures you need to clear the current ones you are using (if any)
1) Go to “profile”, scroll down and click “clear” to clear the current pictures you are using

After that select the images you want to use and assign them as profile or background picture:
2) Open the CMS,
3) select the picture you want, click the “usage” tab and click “assign” as background or “assign” as profile picture (or even both)

To check the appareance of the assigned pictures open the ArtBeamer app and access your portfolio using your portfolio shortcode.

Remember to edit your publicly displayed profile to complete how you appear on the ArtBeamer app to your clients!