What are offers and how do I use them?

Offers, which you will find in the CMS under the tab “sales”, will be visible in the ArtBeamer App, they inform your customer about the price and format of the artwork they are going to buy. Offer are not obligatory, and you can always leave them out and discuss a possible offer directly with the buyer.
ArtBeamer does not integrate any direct selling, a direct contact between you and the customer will always be needed for a sale.

An offer is made out of different information:
- the 3 letters acronym of the currency of the price, for example: USD;
- the price of the artwork- a description for the format or medium of the artwork: for example “Digital C-Print, not framed”;
- a size, in case it’s different from the one specified in the “information” tab (if this field is left empty, the default size will be automatically taken);
- a link to your e-shopping system: in case you already have a shop online, you can put a link to the shop and allow customers to buy directly using the e-shop system (please note that this feature is not available to starter users);

After you have inserted the information, click “Add to list“; you can add multiple offers (soon to be supported in ArtBeamer), insert the data and add all them to the list. Once you have finished do not forget to press “Save Offers“!