How do I create or delete folders and move artworks between folders?

To create a folder
1) press the new-folder icon on the top bar

2) Insert the name you want for the folder and press enter
3) You will now be in the newly-created folder.
4) Upload an artwork in the folder: empty folders will be otherwise automatically cancelled!

To delete a folder
Folders are automatically deleted when empty. You can empty folder by deleting all artworks in that folder, or by moving the artworks to another folder.
a) To delete the artworks just select all the artworks by clicking SHIFT and clicking all the artworks, go to the “information” tab and press “delete from catalogue”
b) To move artworks from a folder to another please read next point.

Moving artworks between folders:
1) Select the artwork(s) you want to move by clicking on them (or SHIFT-click for multiple-selections)
2) Go to the “information” tab
3) Near “Move to folder” select the folder you want to move the artworks in. You can also create a new folder for them by selecting “Into new folder”