How can I make a certain artwork available to a particular customer?

Each Artwork has a unique shortcode which gives access to that particular artwork only.

Just invite your client to insert the artwork’s shortcode in the app, and he will be able to access only that artwork.

The best way to make an artwork available is by using the function integrated in the CMS. It is thought for fast and easy sharing with prospect clients and includes also instructions on how to use the app:
1) Login to your  account and open the CMS
2) Click on the artwork you want to share.
3) Open the “Show on ArtBeamer” Tab and make sure the artwork is published for ArtBeamer
4) Click “→ Send invitation to customer for this artwork (open sharing/instructions page)
5) In the new opened page, click the button for emailing the artwork (email it) or for sharing (get link for sharing) and send it to your prospect customer!

Learn more about shortcodes and QR codes here.