I am planning a printed catalogue or business card, can I make my artworks on ArtBeamer available for the catalogue?

Yes, you can integrate ArtBeamer with a printed catalogue or in general with printed material.

The best way is to integrate in the catalogue, for each artwork, it’s QR code or shortcode. Add a page with general instructions on how to use the App and a page to cut-out the target, and you are ready to go. Here is how

1) Login to your  account and open the CMS
2) Click on the artwork you want to share
3) Open the “Show on ArtBeamer” Tab and make sure the artwork is published for ArtBeamer
4) Click “→ Send invitation to customer for this artwork (open sharing/instructions page)”
5) From this page you can access the QR code (right-click on the image and save it) or the shortcode, the instructions on how to use the app and the target.

-Do not resize the QR code, this might cause some devices to read it with difficulty.
-You can copy the instructions from the page. Just remember to write out the links to the store clearly (write something like “Search for “ArtBeamer” in the Apple and Google store”).
-If you decide to make the trigger available in the catalogue, remember not to resize it, it needs to be a full A4 page. In every case, the trigger is always available directly in the app itself!