Can I sell artworks via ArtBeamer?

ArtBeamer does not integrate direct sells, but it allows you to indirectly sell artworks.

If you already have an online shopping system, you can link your single artworks with it in the app, allowing the customers to be redirected to your shop from within the app. Click here to read how.

ArtBeamer also offers you customisation options, that allow you to integrate your contact information within the app. Customers can contact you and purchase directly from you.
The information you write in the “Publicly displayed profile” is visible in your personal portfolio page on ArtBeamer.
The website, phone and email contact you provide there will be used by your client to contact you via the ArtBeamer app.
1) Login in the app
2) Click “profile”
3) Edit the information under “Publicly displayed profile”
4) Scroll down and save.

Please note that some of these information are available only in the professional and premium subscriptions.