I am having problems with the Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality, which functions with our target, can sometimes work not perfectly (the artwork flickering or not being shown in the correct place). Please note that Augmented Reality is a new technology still in its early development phases, some degree of imperfection is to be expected, depending on your device; future updates will yield even better results. In case of problems with the Augmented Reality the best solution is to reset it with a sudden movement of the smartphone/tablet toward the ground (be careful not to drop it!) and then re-focus the target again.

For best results:
- Allow your phone to recognize the target standing ~1.5 mt. / 4.5 ft. from it.
- Slowly walk back, always aiming at the target.

From this point the app has recognized the target and you should be able to freely walk around. Avoid too sudden movements if possible.