What is the “target”, why do I need it and how do I use it?

The target (or trigger or marker), is an A4 paper which allows the app and it’s Augmented Reality function to work at its best. You can still preview artworks in space without the target, but you will need it to use the Augmented Reality.

To use it
1) print the target without resizing it or otherwise modifying it, in portrait format on an A4 sheet.
2) Place it on a wall where you want your artwork to appear
3) Start the App and call an artwork or entire portfolio by using it’s shortcode or QR code
4) Point your smartphone or tablet to the target. Stand no more than 2 meters / 6.5 feet away.
5) Slowly walk back, always aiming at the target.
6) Freely move around, watch the entire space or approach the artwork for details.

You can send the trigger to your email for print from the app itself. It’s also available in the artwork sharing page (good to share it with clients), or you can directly find it here.